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Adoniss Limited is engaged in following businesses:

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Trading Division

Trading of Timber: We are one of the leading importers of Timber logs into India. Logs are bought from Malaysia, Myanmar, PNG, New Zealand, Africa etc. and are exported to India (80%), Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, China etc. Further as a strategy for expansion into soft wood market through backward integration we bought forestry rights in Marlborough Region, South Island, New Zealand comprising 700 ha forests.

Publication paper: Today we are the largest supplier of newsprint since 1948 and has a market share of 35% of the imported newsprint. The customers are almost all leading newspapers of the country such as Bennett Coleman & Company, Hindustan Times, The Hindu etc. India is net importer of News Print, local installed capacity being less than 50 pc of requirement. We buy from leading mills in US , Canada , China etc. and supply to all the Leading publishers in India.

Building material: The company trades in construction material such as cement, steel for construction activities. The trade is primarily centered towards the growing market in Myanmar.

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Forestry Division

Aubade NZ Limited was incorporated in September 2012. The Chairman and the Directors commenced the Group‟s New Zealand operations in late 2013 with a mission to be an Integrated Wood Business Corporate through investments in:
• Strategic Forest Rights and own plantations
• Value Added Products Manufacturing

Aubade 'hit the ground running' with its first purchase of 700 hectares of Mature Radiata Pine wood forest known as Whataroa in Marlborough Sounds in 2014.

Working in these sensitive areas requires a high regard for the environment and good logistical management capabilities.

Aubade has invested in a strong Country Business Development Team and invested in Systems and Processes for ensuring compliance and responsibility in key concern areas such as Environment and Health & Safety Numerous other resource acquisition tenders are being quoted, as Aubade NZ Limited aims at expanding its portfolio of Radiata Pine Resources throughout NZ.

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Development Division

‘Whanake Develop Co Nz's objective is to develop well designed, quality, liveable homes for Aucklanders. We have purposefully chosen Whanake as our name which in Maori means to grow, or to develop, and a stylised Koru as our logo which represents growth. Whanake is part of the Mayar Group, a global enterprise that employs more than 1,400 people in 18 countries around the world. Whanake’s sister company in New Zealand, Aubade NZ Limited, owns and manages more than 1,400 hectares of forest in New Zealand. It is one of the top largest exporters of New Zealand pine logs to India and a significant exporter of pine logs to China.